Podcast And Chill: Fini Shoes Founder Dami Adepoj‪u

The Creative-Assist Podcast

Today I talked to Dami, the founder of Fini Shoes & creative strategist at Herve Leger to learn how he maximized his creativity & vision to create his innovative shoe brand. From an engineering background, to fashion, to an entrepreneur-he kept learning how to take things further. Check out Fini Shoes

One Shoe at a Time

Clarkson Ignite Podcast

‎Mechanical Engineer-turned-entrepreneur, Damilola Adepoju joins us for episode 3 of the Clarkson Ignite Podcast. As a Clarkson graduate, he utilized his principles of engineering design and his passion for problem solving to create a shoe like no other. We talk to him about his journey, having to put his passion on pause and all of the ups and downs that go along with starting your own business. Check out @finishoes on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

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