About ME

Dami Adepoju looks at design through both a technical and creative lens. He graduated from Clarkson University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering. Applying his engineering background Dami created Fini Shoes, a shoe that is designed to be worn up to 6 different ways via a zipper mechanism he patented. He is passionate about educating himself on the fashion industry and completed his master’s degree in 2019. Dami studied Marketing and Sustainable Fashion which has allowed him to set his brand up for success. Late 2019 Dami became the Accessories Creative Strategist for Herve Leger, a luxury Paris Fashion House. Teaming up with other creatives excites him and he is passionate about collaborating with others on unique projects. Dami is skilled in e-commerce, social media, graphic design, web design, photography, videography, visual directing, and business strategy. He is motivated to think outside the box and be different, a true entrepreneur.


Creative Strategist

Fashion Accesories Expert


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